About me

Fay Keegan is an insightful and compassionate writer who turned her early experiences of trauma, loss, grief and disability on their head to become a successful therapist, community organiser, businessperson, political spokesperson, co-farmer and mother.

As a Social Worker specialising in the areas of mental health, child and family therapy, relationship counselling and trauma including sexual assault and domestic violence, she has worked with hundreds of individuals and families over the last three decades. In the Corporate and Public sectors, she has brought her training in Psychology to focus on helping to drive change in organisations.

Drawing on her passions for hiking, social justice, politics, environmental issues and fun, Fay’s writing guides a way to deal with a plethora of contemporary concerns that complicate our increasingly complex, fast paced existence.

Fay’s professional and personal life does not define her writing. It gives her a springboard to see the world from a fresh and interesting perspective. Her writing draws on hard won knowledge allowing her to cut through complex individual and social issues to illuminate novel approaches.

Fay’s writing, blogging and commentaries traverse diverse subjects, from her upcoming book to walking the Camino de Santiago as an amputee.

Find out more about Fay

Find out more about Fay by reading One Step at a Time, an article describing her first steps to rehabilitation after losing her leg (first published in Great Walks, October–November 2014).