Solitaire at Seventeen

Date 23.02.2018

A few days ago I saw ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ at the Dendy Cinema in Newtown. It was cool in the cinema, but a hot, dry wind met me on the street, when I stepped out, my mind still floating in the fugue of the film, my body almost frigid from the aircon ... Sometimes lives can turn on one moment.

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What a Wonderful First Year for Missing Footnotes

Date 16.02.2018

Missing Footnotes is a year old this month. The first post, Why It’s Taken Four Decades to Tell My Story, was published on 7/02/2017 and forty-four blogs and news items have followed. I’d never envisaged having a blog, but when I finished my manuscript, All Stations to Waterfall, I had a passion to keep writing.

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A Place with No Name

Date 09.02.2018

Did you listen to your mother’s tales when you were small? Your life still in single digits, did you snuggle beside her on a sofa or cuddle up talking together in bed? Those hallowed, heavenly days when nothing could harm you with her by your side.

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Airport Alerts - Part Two

Date 30.01.2018

I opened the door a smidgen and looked out. Coming towards me was a guy over 180cms, built like a triangle pivoting on one point, in a military looking outfit, with a gun clipped to his belt and his eyes looking straight at me. He entered, alone.

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airport security

Airport Alerts - Part One

Date 26.01.2018

Do you have a sinking feeling and wonder “Why me?” when you’re singled out of the security line in an airport? Returning from a conference in Spain recently my son said he was pulled out for full security checks at several airports and asked “What is about me that makes them pick me out?” I had no idea. But I know why I’m dragged out every time; I’m an amputee.

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What's in a Memory?

Date 20.10.2017

We’re constantly laying down memories. The rich experiences of our lives are stashed away in our minds in a seemingly impossible way. It’s so simple, so automatic, and so much! Recalling memories is where it gets complicated.

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the magical thinking of a child - hopes and wishes

Date 04.08.2017

I was determined my foot would survive and I’d walk again, but the medical prognoses were guarded. My unbudgable belief was simply the magical thinking of a child—but the magical thinking of a child can be powerful; it sustains hope against hope and without that we’re vulnerable to helplessness, despair and depression.

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The Accidental Social Worker

Date 28.07.2017

In my second last year of high school I met with a careers adviser. She wasn’t a lot of help—saying I could do anything I wanted.  I knew I couldn't. My doctor had put me on an invalid pension the year before and told me, as a result of an accident when I was eleven—when my foot went in a moving wheel of a train—I’d never have the physical capacity to work.

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