Don't you ever get frustrated? Living with Chronic Pain

Date 13.06.2018

A few weeks ago someone asked me “Don’t you ever get frustrated?” He meant my prosthetic leg. He’s the father of one of my son’s oldest friends, and we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We natter like best mates when we catch up. What I thought, but didn’t say, was ‘No, I don’t’. In truth, I did; but that was a long time ago.

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Solitaire at Seventeen

Date 23.02.2018

A few days ago I saw ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ at the Dendy Cinema in Newtown. It was cool in the cinema, but a hot, dry wind met me on the street, when I stepped out, my mind still floating in the fugue of the film, my body almost frigid from the aircon ... Sometimes lives can turn on one moment.

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What a Wonderful First Year for Missing Footnotes

Date 16.02.2018

Missing Footnotes is a year old this month. The first post, Why It’s Taken Four Decades to Tell My Story, was published on 7/02/2017 and forty-four blogs and news items have followed. I’d never envisaged having a blog, but when I finished my manuscript, All Stations to Waterfall, I had a passion to keep writing.

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A Place with No Name

Date 09.02.2018

Did you listen to your mother’s tales when you were small? Your life still in single digits, did you snuggle beside her on a sofa or cuddle up talking together in bed? Those hallowed, heavenly days when nothing could harm you with her by your side.

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Airport Alerts - Part Two

Date 30.01.2018

I opened the door a smidgen and looked out. Coming towards me was a guy over 180cms, built like a triangle pivoting on one point, in a military looking outfit, with a gun clipped to his belt and his eyes looking straight at me. He entered, alone.

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airport security

Airport Alerts - Part One

Date 26.01.2018

Do you have a sinking feeling and wonder “Why me?” when you’re singled out of the security line in an airport? Returning from a conference in Spain recently my son said he was pulled out for full security checks at several airports and asked “What is about me that makes them pick me out?” I had no idea. But I know why I’m dragged out every time; I’m an amputee.

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What's in a Memory?

Date 20.10.2017

We’re constantly laying down memories. The rich experiences of our lives are stashed away in our minds in a seemingly impossible way. It’s so simple, so automatic, and so much! Recalling memories is where it gets complicated.

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the magical thinking of a child - hopes and wishes

Date 04.08.2017

I was determined my foot would survive and I’d walk again, but the medical prognoses were guarded. My unbudgable belief was simply the magical thinking of a child—but the magical thinking of a child can be powerful; it sustains hope against hope and without that we’re vulnerable to helplessness, despair and depression.

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