What a Wonderful First Year for Missing Footnotes

> 16.02.2018

Missing Footnotes is a year old this month. The first post, Why It’s Taken Four Decades to Tell My Story, was published on 7/02/2017 and forty-four blogs and news items have followed.

I’d never envisaged having a blog, but when I finished my manuscript, All Stations to Waterfall, I had a passion to keep writing.

When I wrote my first blog and clicked the 'publish' icon, I couldn’t help asking myself why would I think anyone wants to read my memories, reflections and thoughts? Does the world need more words, and does it, specifically, need mine?

I hoped my weave of stories, moments, reflections, contemplations and commentaries, these fragments, wouldn’t just tell one life (my own), but may speak to the challenges and delights and beautiful troubles that, each in our own way, we all get to face, living the life we’re given.

My journey with ‘Missing Footnotes’ has been, and is, a beautiful adventure; and I haven’t traveled alone. So many people have helped me at every stage; from planning and designing a website, contributing ideas and inspiration for content, and, most of all, taking the time to read my posts.

For the first few months my blog had no name. In April 2017 it became ‘Missing Footnotes’ after I teased my ideas out in the following mind map. 


A year ago I had no idea where Missing Footnotes would take me, or with whom I might connect along the way: I’ve heard from readers all over the world; been interviewed for radio, podcasts and press media; and been invited to be a guest blogger on other sites.

Every person who has read Missing Footnotes has encouraged me along the way. Thank you so much. 

If you’d like to read more about how I came to start Missing Footnotes, please click here.