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Telling Ourselves Stories to Survive | The Trauma Therapist Podcast - an interview with Guy Macpherson

> 19.07.2017

Recently Guy Macpherson interviewed me for The Trauma Therapist Podcast. It was a privilege to share my story and, as often happens, I made connections in the interview which I hadn’t linked before. Every experience turns up something new and unexpected. To listen to the podcast, Telling Ourselves Stories to Survive, please click here.

Guy Macpherson is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of trauma and early psychosis. For the last several years he has dedicated himself to the study of trauma psychology, trauma therapy, post-traumatic growth, and most recently, the intersection of trauma and psychosis, specifically the signs of early psychosis.

His inspiration comes from working with the courageous individuals determined to learn and find meaning from the trials they have endured.

His inspiration also comes from personal experience: his brother is a Navy SEAL veteran who suffered with PTSD.

He has focused his energy on the study of trauma psychology and trauma therapy, and most recently the creation of a business, The Trauma Therapist Project, along with the Trauma Therapist | Podcast and membership site, Trauma Therapist | 2.0, which brings together seasoned professionals in the fields of trauma, addiction, mindfulness and yoga, to educate and inspire those just beginning their trauma-informed education.

Guy Macpherson’s site is dedicated to those clinicians—the psychologists, marriage family therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, any and all trauma workers—who specialize in treating individuals who have suffered psychological trauma. It’s also a rich resource of information for those who are not therapists.

The following is an extract from The Trauma Therapist Podcast site about the interview:

Fay Keegan is a Clinical Social Worker, writer and an amputee who turned her early experiences of trauma, loss, grief and disability on their head to become a successful therapist, community organiser, businessperson, political spokesperson, co-farmer and mother.

Fay has a Master’s Degree in Cultural Psychology, and post-graduate qualifications in Couples and Family Therapy and Mediation.

Since 1980 Fay has worked in public and private settings across a range of services including mental health, child and family therapy, relationship counselling, and trauma counselling-including child and adult sexual assault, domestic violence and victims of crime.

In 1968 at age eleven, Fay suffered a disabling injury, when she fell from a train and her foot fell into a moving wheel. In 2012, following chronic and severe infections, Fay had a below knee amputation. Now able to walk more than a short distance, she started hiking for the first time in forty four years. Twenty months following surgery, she hiked twenty kilometres in one day.

Fay’s completed manuscript, All Stations to Waterfall, begins with the train accident, but the real story is the aftermath in which the initial trauma is overtaken by the much greater tragedy of her traumatised family tearing itself apart.

In this interview, Fay lays open the path of her life and shares with us how the experiences of her early childhood influenced her passion for working with individuals who’ve been impacted by trauma, as well as solidified her die-hard resilience.

The Quote(s)

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
The Little Engine That Could

The person is never the problem. The problem is the problem.
Michael White

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.
Joan Didion, The White Album

Fay’s Go-To Book

Playful Approaches to Serious Problems: Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families, David Epston, Jennifer Freeman, Dean Lobovits

Fay’s Links

 You can learn more about Fay and her writing at: 

If you're interested in listening to the Podcast, here is the link again: Telling Ourselves Stories to Survive.

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Thanks for reading this update and I hope you can take the time to listen to the Podcast!

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