Fay Keegan has been a Social Worker for over thirty years. ‘All Stations to Waterfall’ tells a part of her story, drawing on her experiences as a child in the 1960s and 1970s. It is only now, at this stage in her life, that she has felt ready to write about this tumultuous time. She brings to the story the detachment, the narrative skill and the adult-life experience of working with other victims to trauma, that the story needs in order to be a compelling and moving read for a wide audience of readers.

Victims of trauma, and those around them whose lives have been touched by trauma, are not always the best equipped to tell their own stories. Through her training as a social worker, and her experience as a professional counsellor, she has been able to separate her insights from her emotions, in order to let the words on the page and the events they describe speak directly and compellingly to the reader.

At the time she took time from work to write ‘All Stations to Waterfall’, Fay was a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker in Private Clinical Practice. She has a Master’s Degree in Cultural Psychology and post-graduate qualifications in Couples and Family Therapy and Mediation. Fay’s writing is informed by her personal and professional experiences and she shares insights, stories and vignettes from a unique perspective.

Fay has acquired a sufficient ‘stock’ of diverse life experiences to write and speak on issues which touch upon the lives of many other people.